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Oludara Egerton Shyngle

Looking at her, you would never guess that she holds a degree in computer science and information technology and just two years ago she was an FX trader by day while nursing a “crazy” dream at night.


Oludara Egerton Shyngle is currently living that dream, performing on stage and in front of the camera across the Atlantic. In August 2013, she took the bold step of quitting her full time, well paid job at one of Nigerias top commercial banks to attend “the most hands on intensive program in the world”- the acting program at the New York Film Academy.


The time spent studying Acting for Film reinforced what she had always known: Acting, both film and theatre, was what she wanted to do. Her teachers and tutors described her as dedicated”, “brave”, “enthusiastic” ,“always prepared” and her personal favorite “a constant pleasure to work with”.


Upon graduating, she starred in a hit web series, Assorted meat, a satire highlighting identity, politics and the life of young Nigerian roommates living in Brooklyn. She is currently working on a few projects including Season 2 of the web series, Assorted Meat and a series of short films.


When she isn’t acting or auditioning, Oludara enjoys cooking, hosting family and friends, dancing, traveling and her own company. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York and believes strongly that “Normal is too mainstream”